Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank

Each year, kids around the city are unable to play hockey or other sports due to a lack of funding or equipment, but an organization has changed that.

Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank, in only its second year of operation in Calgary, has been outfitting local kids in used gear donated from members of the community.

Kids and families who struggle financially to play sports are referred to Comrie’s through KidSport and the Flames Foundation For Life. Then, they make an appointment with Russell Gillespie, the general manager of Comrie’s, to find a time get suited up for the next season.

Now partnered with Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Calgary, plus the Western Hockey League (WHL), Comrie’s reach has grown massively, allowing for more donations to come in and more kids to play sports.

Families like the Luthi’s who are in the video benefit greatly from Comrie’s. Tina, a single mom, wants to keep her two kids involved in sports, and without Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank, it would likely not be possible.

Tina’s children, Eric and Haley, are just two of the hundreds of kids who get to play a sport they likely would not have had the chance to.

Bill Comrie, a businessman from Edmonton who owns The Brick, created Sport Central over 20 years ago in Edmonton. Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank is modeled after Sport Central and serves Calgary and parts of Southern Alberta.

While the equipment costs are high, secondary costs still exist, like registration, but outside programs also help take care of a portion of the costs, easing the burden on families.

For more information on this program, please visit Comrie’s Sport Equipment Bank


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