Vince Craig


Vince Craig AKA “Coach Juice Box”

Started skating at age 18, played until 35, have coached for 5 years, and a Fan ever since I can remember… ( Go Nucks! )

Timmy’s said it right, “Hockey is more than a game.” There is so much that can be read into that statement alone. It defines us, our nation, and our values. When 80% of your entire country gets up at 4am on a Saturday to watch the Gold Medal game, nuff said, hockey brings us all together. Hockey is a passion, and lifestyle, a calling… It surfaces the best and worse out of people, and showcases all our defining traits. Hockey is humbling, triumphant, disciplined… a teacher.

HockeyXtra, is an outlet, a means to help present the game we love, and the people that make its culture survive. So much goes into the game beyond the game itself. Sometimes that cannot be seen, or heard. HockeyXtra is a vehicle for that message and why I wish to be a part of it. The benefits of the game far outweigh the game itself, and I believe it is one of the best opportunities we can provide our kids. It teaches them to be leaders, have self-confidence, and how to be a part of a team. How to be a winner, a loser, and how to compete. Hockey is healthy.

“In a man’s life, there is His God, His Family, and His Game… only at certain times of the year, his priorities may change.” - Darryl Sutter