Welcome to HockeyXtra!

Mark | HockeyXtra1

Welcome to HockeyXtra!  We are very proud to bring you something very unique to the minor hockey community.

Here is a few words from Mark Komisar, Host of the HockeyXtra Show.

I am involved with HockeyXtra because this game has far too many good things going for it, and I have a desire to see this game remain strong. To often the stories we hear about the game are those that are negative and damaging to the image of hockey. I feel the game really projects a completely different message and has great value for any citizen.

We want to tell everyone about the game, what strengths it has, how it can help you become responsible, how it builds confidence and perseverance, and don’t forget the teamwork aspect along with achieving goals. When you look at all of these skills as a whole you can certainly see how it may help you in the future to overcome life’s difficulties.

If we all tell the good stuff the game will only grow in strength, more kids will come back to play and the game will once again grow.

Grab a stick and let’s play, you don’t have to be a pro to love this game. Trust me it will grab you and never let go.

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